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Lawn seed & feed reccomendations

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Lemansky Fri 24-Jun-16 12:30:36

We had a lot of weeds in our lawn, so put a weed, seed and feed mix on it last week. Several patches of the lawn have gone brown/yellow and it seems like the weeds have died back a bit.

Is there anything that I can now get to feed the lawn and get it looking a bit better? We've only been in the house since December, and it's my first time having a garden and a lawn to deal with so not sure of the best course of action.
Many thanks!

Unremarkable Thu 30-Jun-16 08:36:04

You need to remove any dead material (lightly rake it out or dig it up) and give your lawn a light mow, with the blades on a high setting so you don't take too much off the grass. If you've got any bare patches, use a lawn repair kit. The miracle-gro one is pretty good if I remember correctly. Give your lawn another treatment in the autumn. Don't feed the lawn too much or you'll scorch it or be mowing every day. Good luck!

Lemansky Thu 30-Jun-16 09:36:18

That's really helpful. Thank you!

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