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geraniums ( not hardy ) looking peaky ,should I feed ?

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gingeroots Thu 23-Jun-16 10:46:26

I have a very large pot in a sheltered position near my front door . It has had geraniums in it for about 3 years . They retained some flowers over winter .

They are still going strong but some leaves are yellowing at the edges and developing blackish splotches .

Anyone know why or how I can help them ? Could they need feeding ? If so what ? I have Baby Bio and Tomato Feed .

gingeroots Sat 25-Jun-16 11:41:32

Anyone ?Shall I go with tomato food ?

bilbodog Sat 25-Jun-16 12:22:18

Have you ever repotted them? If not you could take them out, get rid of th e old compost and replace with fresh. Then feed regularly whilst they are flowering. Take off the yellow leaves.

gingeroots Sat 25-Jun-16 15:08:01

thanks ,I repotted last autumn and I remove any leaves that look yellow .

what would be the most approriate feed ?

bilbodog Sat 25-Jun-16 16:05:47

I would use the tomato feed.

gingeroots Sat 25-Jun-16 16:51:20

That's great ,thank you so much .

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sat 25-Jun-16 16:53:30

They love tomato feed.

GeorgeTheThird Sat 25-Jun-16 16:55:59

Is it possible they have just reached the end of their lifespan and it's time to buy new ones? Aldi have big individual ones this week - red, white or pink.

gingeroots Sun 26-Jun-16 09:48:57

They might be getting that way .They were my mum's ,so I'm a bit sentimental .

QuartzUcan Sun 26-Jun-16 17:19:29

I sympathise gingeroots - this year my Dad's geraniums have failed and I assume come to the end of their life 3 years after he has gone - I kept them for sentimental reasons and they thrived until this year - so I understand your sentiment about not wanting to simply replace.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sun 26-Jun-16 17:27:24

Get some cuttings, geraniums grow like weed, you'll have new plants in a couple of weeks.

gingeroots Sun 26-Jun-16 20:33:39

Thanks Quartz ,that's kind of you .

That's a good idea Chardonnay .I'd not thought of it as I'm not experienced and have never taken a cutting .

I'll have a google and a go . Nothing to loose !

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sun 26-Jun-16 20:47:38

Break of the end bit of a branch with a few leaves and stick in a pot.

That's it.

gingeroots Mon 27-Jun-16 09:30:36

Really ? Wow !

GeorgeTheThird Mon 27-Jun-16 16:30:27

Don't you suspend it in a glass of water for a bit until it grows roots, then stick it in a pot?

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Mon 27-Jun-16 16:32:59

No, no need.

I do it with hardy geraniums too, esp macrorhizum.

GeorgeTheThird Mon 27-Jun-16 16:34:50

Hardy geraniums are brilliant. I have pulled them out like weeds, then potted them up and they've grown. I don't think this is recommended though!

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Mon 27-Jun-16 16:37:51

I love them, grow everywhere, easy to propagate.

I stuck 6 cuttings in the borders on Saturday. I'll let you know how many have survived next week.

GeorgeTheThird Tue 28-Jun-16 07:51:28

Please do. Had you potted them up for a few weeks first?

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Tue 28-Jun-16 10:02:10

No, I had a big plant with lots of runners, so it's very much like root cuttings.

Stuck them in the borders, they look quite perky.

ppeatfruit Tue 28-Jun-16 13:13:35

But are they pelargoniums or geraniums? If they're pelargoniums they won't be too happy in the garden.

TheRoadToRuin Tue 28-Jun-16 13:21:10

I understand the sentimental attachment. Not Geraniums, but I have Christmas Cacti that are the great great grandcacti of the ones belonging to my lovely late FIL who died 25 years ago smile.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Tue 28-Jun-16 19:53:08

The ones in the borders are Geranium Maccrorhizum. Bees adore them.

The ones in the pots are pelargonium.

Same procedure, break off a bit and stick it in.

ppeatfruit Wed 29-Jun-16 12:30:55

The border ones are hardy and the potted ones need bringing in during the winter.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Wed 29-Jun-16 13:09:43

I know, I have nowhere to bring them in though, so they stay in their pots huddled together somewhere sheltered.

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