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gingeroots Wed 22-Jun-16 20:41:50

I think .

I found a lovely nursery (in Penge if anyone is down that way ) and bought a plant .

I asked the name but didn't write it down ,so of course I can't remember it .

It's a trailing plant ,bought for containers in shade ,evergreen ,reddish brown wire like stems with tiny dark green oval leaves .Plant is small ,maybe 4" high .

And I don't have a phone that takes pictures ( or a brain ,it seems ) .

Anyone know what it's name is ?

NanTheWiser Wed 22-Jun-16 21:03:52

Muehlenbeckia complexa aka Australian maidenhair vine - quite an odd plant! I saw quite a large "hedge" of it in Guernsey years ago, quite intriguing!

gingeroots Wed 22-Jun-16 21:21:51

Gosh you people are so clever ,and quick !

I knew someone would know .

But now I know the name it seems to be decidious ,which is a shame ...

BendydickCuminsnatch Wed 22-Jun-16 21:22:55

Used to live in forest hill and always wanted to visit Alexandra Nurseries!! Looks so gorgeous, never managed it though!

gingeroots Wed 22-Jun-16 21:24:43

or maybe not
Muehlenbeckia are evergreen or deciduous ^

NanTheWiser Wed 22-Jun-16 21:32:12

But M. Complexa IS deciduous (it says...)

gingeroots Wed 22-Jun-16 21:36:06

Ben the cakes looked gorgeous !
It was a lovely place ,I just drove past it by accident ,so stopped of course .

gingeroots Wed 22-Jun-16 21:38:19

Nan you're right .I should have continued reading blush

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