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Seedlings - can I plant them straight out?

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MaybeDoctor Sun 19-Jun-16 20:40:58

I have grown some seedlings, mostly pansies and they are now a couple of inches high still in the seed trays. I don't have a lot of time at the moment - can I plant them straight outside in tubs or do I need to pot them on?

Also, should I refresh the compost in the tubs or is it ok to re-use?

JT05 Mon 20-Jun-16 18:09:14

I would pot them on, one or two in a largish pot to save time and compost!

Always use fresh compost to avoid any diseases, weeds and provide good nutrients for the seedlings.

I throw spent compost onto the flower beds, so not to waste it.

Ifailed Thu 23-Jun-16 06:42:44

agree, pot them on and harden them off outside for a few days if they were grown 'in doors' (including greenhouse), as they won't be use to wind, rain etc. By hardening them, I mean leave them out for a few hours initially, moving to all daytime and then permanently.

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