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Rose plant and insects

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TooMuchMNTime Fri 10-Jun-16 14:12:45

I have a smallish climbing rose on my balcony, along with some other plants

The rose is covered with tiny brown insects, so tiny at first I thought perhaps it was earth splashing up if rain had got in or something.

New to this planting thing, should I buy some insect killer or just try rinsing them off? Will they spread to the other plants? It's a tiny balcony so they all sit together. Thanks for any tips.

bookbook Fri 10-Jun-16 18:49:01

Are they a light brown? Most likely is aphids. Spray with a mixture of water with a tiny bit of washing up liquid , then give them a gentle hose'rinse. You can physically rub them off and squish them as well!

TooMuchMNTime Sat 11-Jun-16 20:32:30

yes, thanks, that is what they are.

I'm afraid I have to say I have used major bug spray on them - I've got a gardening savvy friend round and she went and bought the stuff, apparently she's tried eerything and this is the only thing that works. She's also sprayed the other plants because she said they will probably try it on those too.

She's been explaining to me that roses are notorious for attracting pests which is a pity because I didn't have any till I got the rose.

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