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Screening plants

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BrianBlowsBubbles Thu 09-Jun-16 13:32:26

Our neighbours have put up a large garage (totally within their rights) but I don't want to look at it! Any suggestions for screening? I'd like to create either a hedge or plan mature trees (there's a fence between us and the garage).

So I don't want anything which is going to take a million years to provide the screening. I also want something which won't have too much depth (love laurel hedges but they are too thick).
I've had a quick look at trees but really want to avoid conifers and haven't found many every greens which aren't conifer-seque.

Any suggestions?

shovetheholly Thu 09-Jun-16 13:58:25

What about deciduous trees that hold their leaves through winter, grown as a hedge. Thinking of either beech or hornbeam, whichever is most suitable for your soil.

BrianBlowsBubbles Thu 09-Jun-16 18:25:08

Thanks. I'll look at those smile

JT05 Fri 10-Jun-16 07:24:39

Beware of tree roots next to buildings, you could be liable for damage to your neighbours garage.

How about evergreen Ceanothus, evergreen, or pyracantha. They can all grow tall, but can be trimmed to shape.

JT05 Fri 10-Jun-16 07:25:38

Should have read ' evergreen Escalonia' ,.

fiorentina Fri 10-Jun-16 17:18:36

An evergreen climbing hydrangea. Mine is growing rapidly to cover a fence and they grow tall?

BrianBlowsBubbles Fri 10-Jun-16 22:50:23

I love the hydrangea - fab!

oldestmumaintheworld Fri 10-Jun-16 22:57:00

I've used bamboo in the past as a screen to hide an unfortunate view. It's great - tall, not too dense, moves beautifully in a breeze and isn't too expensive. It also has the added advantage of coming in different heights so you can buy what you can afford. Yellow or black stemmed is also lovely in winter. Make sure however to take care when you buy. Some species are very invasive because they spread.

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