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Rojak Wed 08-Jun-16 08:28:45

So cardboard has been recommended here as useful for suppressing weeds.

Being a bit of a novice, lazy gardener - I was wondering if I could put cardboard down on my weedy slope (I've cut down nettles & brambles but the cleavers and willowherb keep coming up faster than I can weed) and put a ton of bark chippings on top? Or would I need to put compost on top of the cardboard?

Was googling no dig gardening and it recommends layering newspapers, compost, grass clippings, leaves etc

PurpleWithRed Wed 08-Jun-16 08:34:56

You could, but the cardboard will gradually rot down. Cardboard is a great solution for smothering weeds but it's temporary, landscape fabric is more permanent. If you want a bark Chippings slope rather than a flower bed I'd go cardboard, landscape fabric then Chippings. And you need the fabric with a stripe and visible woven strips of plastic, not the flimsy stuff.

Either cardboard or fabric will deal with nettles, cleavers and willow herb. But brambles need digging out or poison.

Rojak Wed 08-Jun-16 09:15:21

Wasn't quite prepared to go down the poison route!!

I was hoping to let some vinca loose on the slope but after smothering the weeds.

So that landscape fabric - will it ever disintegrate like cardboard? But perhaps more slowly?

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