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Can anyone tell me what this curly plant is growing on my rose

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pud1 Fri 27-May-16 21:28:04

I have what I assume is a rose in my garden. It has thorns but hasn't flowered yet. I only moved I a month ago. It's got this curly plant growing from its base. Can anyone tell me what it is

PreAdvent13610 Fri 27-May-16 21:29:32

Looks like a fern.

flamingnoravera Fri 27-May-16 21:29:36

It looks like ivy to me.

Kummerspeck Fri 27-May-16 21:29:54

Do you mean the ivy? Not quite sure what I am looking at

LetThereBeCupcakes Fri 27-May-16 21:30:58

I'd say fern!

pud1 Fri 27-May-16 21:31:29

Sorry. Photos a bit rubbish. The ivy is behind the rose growing up the wall. The curly thing is in front of the ivy

pud1 Fri 27-May-16 21:32:56

The rose is bald at the bottom. You can see the two thorny sticks in the photo.

Can you tell I am new to gardening

amysmummy12345 Fri 27-May-16 21:33:22

Looks like a fern before they open out, youtube time-lapse ferns, I love the way they uncurl 😊

pud1 Fri 27-May-16 21:37:14

Just watched a time lapse in YouTube. That's amazing. The clip I watched was over about 5 days and it whet from nothing to fully open. That you explain how it seems to have Kai appeared.

Carriere Sat 28-May-16 01:05:06

It definitely looks like an unfurling fern, I think it may be Dryopteris filix-mas, it's common name is the male fern! It grows quite large, maybe 2ft by 2ft or even a bit more. You could try pulling it up and planting it in a shady part of your garden.

Ferguson Sat 28-May-16 20:34:19

Yes - a fern; but it may be hard to dig out without digging up the whole rose, as it is right in the middle of it.

And the 'rose' needs a good pruning, and could be beyond salvation.

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