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How to get rid of an ants nest in a pit plant

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HeyMacWey Thu 26-May-16 14:07:43

I've been tidying up the pot plants and have discovered a massive ants nest that takes up the whole pot - I wondered why the plant wasn't thriving!

How can I get rid of it without killing the plant? It's an exotic fern type thing and fairly Hardy - I've tipped it out of the pot and now the ants are trying to rescue the pupae.

Any ideas?

Unremarkable Thu 26-May-16 15:20:53

If they're black ants then they will be tempted by a sweet bait trap. Try Home Defence ant stop! bait stations, they're pretty effective. Place them near where the ants are foraging and they will take the poison back to the nest. Or you can water vigorously - hopefully the fern will like it! Ants won't want to live in permanently wet soil.

PurpleWithRed Thu 26-May-16 16:29:47

What unremarkable said - ants prefer somewhere pretty dry to live. But check your fern is happy in more moist soil.

HeyMacWey Thu 26-May-16 16:33:17

Yes - they're black ants - I've tried hacking out as many of as I can and drenching the root ball. I'll give it another going over tomorrow and then leave it in a bucket of water.

I'm tempted to saw the root ball in half to try and get as many of as possible. Would that be a Bad Thing?

Can I get those ant baits in somewhere like home bargains?

I now feel like it in itching all over with rogue ants grin

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