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Any one know what this is?

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GashleyCrumbTiny Fri 20-May-16 18:10:07

Anyone? It's sprouted in my yard and is the only thing my bunnies haven't instantly devoured. Need to check it's not poisonous for them - and if it's not, plant it in every available space!

ElectroStallion Fri 20-May-16 18:12:03

Can you show the leaves?

PirateSmile Fri 20-May-16 18:12:24

It's a pink bluebell. It's very pretty too.

GashleyCrumbTiny Fri 20-May-16 18:29:51

Ah, bugger. That's coming up as not safe for rabbits. Bye bye little bluebell. sad

ElectroStallion Fri 20-May-16 19:29:05

Think they're a protected species!
He obviously knows not to eat it...

PirateSmile Fri 20-May-16 19:44:46

Dig it up and put it in a safe place?

NanTheWiser Fri 20-May-16 21:34:44

It's not the true bluebell, it's the Spanish hybrid, so best to get rid - they spread like buggery.

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