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Artificial Grass

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fionagrace Sun 15-May-16 07:36:43

Does anyone have artificial grass installed and how long have you had it? What are the pros and cons? We are considering it but wondering what it looks like after a few years. Installers always have lots of before and after pictures but none had "a few years later". We are wondering does it get ripped? What about cats? Do cats poo on it? How do you stop weeds coming through? Does it fade due to sunlight?

We will still have are plant beds and we are growing raspberries around the edges.

Thanks 😎

AgathaMystery Sun 15-May-16 07:56:52

I'm curious too. I've seen some amazing ones & it looks really real !!

Unremarkable Mon 16-May-16 12:38:50

I've seen quite a bit of artificial grass (through work, I'm not an enthusiast! wink) and it wears very well if you get decent quality and lay it properly. It's a bit like carpet really.

Pros are that you don't have to look after it, just wash it clean (including any poo!) and give it a brush get the 'grass' to stand up again. Cons are that it doesn't have any bees or insects in it, won't attract the birds and doesn't feel or smell like grass.

It's pretty tough, it can melt (important if you're a smoker or like BBQs) but I've yet to see any that have ripped.

If you lay it over a weed-proof membrane the only weeds you'll have to worry about are the odd one that will be blown in and find a bit of mud on your lawn to grow in. I've not seen or heard of anyone having fading problems.

Your raspberries might to grow up through it so do watch out.

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