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Is it too late for hanging baskets?

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WriteforFun1 Thu 12-May-16 14:27:33

Having discovered this forum, now a question from my mum...! Is it too late to plant some hanging baskets and if not, what flowers would you put them in? Not a huge fan of fuschias. Should I get plug plants for these or what? She can water them daily and they will be on the porch if she goes for it.


Deux Thu 12-May-16 14:36:45

No not at all, loads of time left. smile

Go to the garden centre and have a look at the plants and buy what you fancy. You sometimes get hanging basket trays of plants that will have a few different types of plants in. Try supermarkets too.

If your mum doesn't already have the baskets it might be cheaper to buy the ready planted baskets. Supermarket, Aldi and home base can be good for these and you get a nice basket all ready to hang up starting from £5.

If self planting I'd put some water retaining crystals/swell gel in with the compost as baskets can dry out super quick on a warm day.

bookbook Thu 12-May-16 14:40:19

I only planted mine up yesterday. Its been much too cold. I will sit them on buckets out of sight for a couple of weeks to get them looking nice and full.
Loads of choice for plants. If traditional, you can even get a tray of mixed plants just for hanging baskets.
Usual plants are geraniums, fuschias, begonias, - trailing ones as well
then infill with other plants- some trailing some not there are absolutely loads to choose from - everywhere has them for sale at the moment
You can buy plug plants, , or you can a few slightly bigger ones in pots, either way, plant up and let them settle .
Or just go for a basket with just one type of plant , they can look lovely.
I would get some slow release fertiliser tablets as well to poke in, then its just a case of watering

Deux Thu 12-May-16 14:41:55

Also, there's a kind of guide to planting baskets and pots.

You need: a thriller - showstopper more upright plant in the middle; spillers - so plants that cascade over the side; fillers - these fill in the gaps between the thriller and the spiller.


WriteforFun1 Thu 12-May-16 15:03:27

Thrillers, spillers and fillers!! I love it!! Thanks for the advice. She has baskets - she hasn't been well so only just thought to sort them after buying them a while back apparently.

I will do the plant selection and the planting I expect. Should I get water crystals - she's home to water them every day really so are they necessary?

LBOCS2 Thu 12-May-16 15:29:20

Not as long as she's not planning on going on holiday grin I hear tell that a nappy lining the basket also does the same thing as water retaining crystals but I haven't actually tried it.

I'm doing upright begonias and trailing fuschia this year, in a sort of mixing it up way. Last year I did trailing lobelia and something uprighty...

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