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Shed with two compartments

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fruttidibosco Tue 10-May-16 07:27:38

Does anyone know where I can fine a shed with two compartments - I want to put lawnmower and gardening equipment in one come compartment a and toys in the other. Not enough room in the garden for two separate sheds unfortunately. There's only one I can find online that had two different sections but I refuse to believe it's the only one that exists!!

Jenijena Tue 10-May-16 07:30:51

It you go to a local shed manufacturer, they'll make exactly what you want, for a very similar price. For example, we looked at these folk -

shovetheholly Tue 10-May-16 09:43:58

If you live near one of the RHS shows, there are usually sheds on display from the major manufacturers, so you can see them before you buy. Many of those I saw last year had two compartments - it's a new trendy thing!

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