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deck/fence questions!

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KittyKrap Mon 09-May-16 11:51:04

Me and DH are new to all this and have our first house not rented - yay!

We taken the moss and green stuff off both and repainted the fence which looks great and I'm just about to stain the decking.

My question is, how often does it need redoing? I'm not looking forward to this every spring!

shovetheholly Mon 09-May-16 13:39:56

Congratulations on your new house!!

A lot of woodcare stuff seems to depend a bit on the finish you want. Fences: if you want it to look perfect all the time and you're after a wash of one pure colour, you probably will have to do it once a year. However, it's also possible to do the absolute opposite and treat very rarely, particularly if the fence in question is pressure-treated. I've never painted mine. I grow things up it to hide it as I prefer that look. But it's down to personal preference.

I think decking does need a bit more attention, though I've never had it so someone else will be better placed to answer on that. Isn't it cleaning and treating once a year?

KittyKrap Mon 09-May-16 14:38:03

I'm having a break..knackered. It looks like the decking was previously (and badly) painted which is peeling so DH is going before me with a wire brush and broom while I'm following with the stain - looking good so far but needs another coat.

I just keep imaging my hammock and cocktails!
And thanks - we're really excited and happy grin

redhat Mon 09-May-16 14:41:53

We have a hardwood deck which needs oiling at least every year even though it is covered by a glass roof. The exposed bits on the edge in particular look very weathered come spring each year. Our deck is about 40 square meters and we are oiling it this weekend. It will take the best part of the day since you have to scrub it down first (napisan is good for this) and then let it dry properly before oiling it.

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