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Apple tree help...

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TheGoodEnoughWife Sun 08-May-16 22:30:24

Any one know anything about Apple trees?

We are doing major (imo!) garden work and have taken out a raised bed which means I can have another fruit tree - very pleased with this as love my garden to be multi functional.

I have a Victoria plum tree and a pear tree already so thinking Apple?

Can only have one so it needs to do its thing all on its lonesome. Not grow too big as garden isn't that big and would be really handy if there is a website I could order a decent sized one from?

Thank you :-)

DoreenLethal Sun 08-May-16 23:06:21

You need to choose the right rootstock for the height and then choose a variety you fancy.

M9 or M26 will keep the tree smallish.

Cathpot Mon 09-May-16 05:08:13

I've planted a 'family' tree- it has 3 different apples grafted onto the same root stock- I don't know if it's any good yet as it's very young so I took the apples off it last year, but it might suit you if you only have room for one?

shovetheholly Mon 09-May-16 09:01:45

Why not have a look at heritage varieties? Every area of the country has trees that are really rare, and therefore really precious. These apples often taste WAY better than the supermarket varieties - it's just that they will produce at the wrong size, colour or attractiveness for mass consumption. A local orchard society should be able to give you guidance, given the location of your site (some apples grow much better in cooler regions than others) and your aspect and will also be able to sell you the trees!

There are so many apple trees around the country that cross-pollination is often not as much of an issue as you think (though this may be different if you are really, really remote, however, in which case a self-fertile apple is a good choice!). Avoiding triploid varieties that need TWO further trees to pollinate them instead of the more usual one might also be advisable.

TheGoodEnoughWife Mon 09-May-16 09:34:01

Thank you for replies. Am intrigued by the family trees, with space for just one these seem ideal. Although having looked at them I see they do pear family trees too! Now, how to find space for two new fruit trees...

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