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Please help me recognise these plants!

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JessieMcJessie Sun 08-May-16 13:17:19

We've just moved to a new house and for the first time in 40 years I have a garden! The previous owners clearly planted a lot at one point and we have the basics of a small lawn with beds round the sides and a nice climbing rose going over an arch at the entry. However they obviously got a bit fed up looking after it and I think there a lot of weeds and out-of-controlp plants everywhere.

I am clueless about gardening but would like to learn so my first task is to get weeding and keep the plants that I like and get rid of the ones I don't. Trouble is I have no idea what any of them are and beyond Dandelions can't even tell what's a weed!.

Could any kind green-fingered mumsnetters help identify them for me?

JessieMcJessie Sun 08-May-16 13:18:40

some more.

JessieMcJessie Sun 08-May-16 13:19:50

and the last 2 for now

stayathomegardener Sun 08-May-16 13:21:05

First one is a Camellia, second with white flowers may be a Quince but that is quite unusal, third is a Current, Black Current? Do the leaves smell strongly when you crush them?

stayathomegardener Sun 08-May-16 13:22:13

Yes I think Quince.

JessieMcJessie Sun 08-May-16 13:22:37

I should add that the one with the white flowers on the OP is a tree and the one with the pink flowers is a bush about 4.5 feet tall. I'm fairy sure that they are not weeds smile.

JessieMcJessie Sun 08-May-16 13:23:47

Ah, thanks stayathome. Quince, as in mince and slices of? How lovely!

stayathomegardener Sun 08-May-16 13:28:08

"Some more" Orange flowers in the background are Wallflowers (Erysium) Biennals so will be over after they have flowered... Enjoy the scent though.
The grey leaved plant in front is Senecio, usually grown as a half hardy annual.

stayathomegardener Sun 08-May-16 13:30:48

Yes as in slices smile Lovely in the garden if you have room, the fruit when ripe and brought into the house perfume a room.
Camellia lovely too.
Current 10 a penny.

Roystonv Sun 08-May-16 13:32:47

1 - camillia, 2 - ?, but not quince, 3 - currant, 4 - basically a bedding plant nothing special, 5 - ?, 6 - ? forgotten name but think monbretia spreads and will have spiky flowers, 7 - raspberry. No doubt better gardener along in a min

stayathomegardener Sun 08-May-16 13:34:47

Last one, am guessing the strap leaved plant is Iris foetidissima, very hard to identify without feeling the leaves.
What do you think?
I would leave that a year and see what the flowers are like but I suspect it could go.

Roystonv Sun 08-May-16 13:35:03

Sorry in 4 I was looking at the grey plant yes others wallflower

stayathomegardener Sun 08-May-16 13:35:25

Final one Raspberry.

seventhgonickname Sun 08-May-16 13:35:55

Two plants are n the left,yellow flowers are wall flowers,the white leaves plant have forgotten name but the there mainly for folliage.The bottom left could be day lily bit hard to tell but I would leave as it flowers at the end of summer.
Not sure about the others but the bottom right looks like bramble but since you have currants could be a different berry bush.

stayathomegardener Sun 08-May-16 13:40:56

Do you not think Quince Roys even when comparing the link?
Not the ornamental type but the fruiting tree. We have several in the garden and they are all at similar stages now.

JessieMcJessie Sun 08-May-16 13:47:57

Thanks everyone. I'll go out now and do some leaf feeling and crushing! I'm not keen on the look of the strap leaved one I must admit - there are two of them taking up a load of space.

JessieMcJessie Sun 08-May-16 13:58:37

I've got a few more (will stop after these, promise smile).

JessieMcJessie Sun 08-May-16 14:00:20

last three

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Sun 08-May-16 14:03:09

Last 2 are hardy geranium and aquilegia smile

LotsofDots Sun 08-May-16 14:04:23

On your most recent photos the second one is strawberry - probably alpine ones are the flowers about 1cm across?

Bottom row - some kind of fruit tree I'd guess, a hardy geranium and aquilegia (granny's bonnet)

moomoogalicious Sun 08-May-16 14:09:12

Mock orange for the last one with the white flowers. Can't really see it that clearly.

moomoogalicious Sun 08-May-16 14:21:10

Looks like you've got some bind weed in the second from last post - back of the first photo.

MewlingQuim Sun 08-May-16 14:25:39

"I've got a few more" post is sage and strawberries.

Nice well stocked garden there, op. You are lucky, when I moved into my house I only had couch grass, bindweed and brambles sad

MewlingQuim Sun 08-May-16 14:29:06

My strawberries are flowering now so they're not necessarily alpine strawberries.

PP is right, there is the dreaded bindweed lurking behind the sage. It has heart shaped leaves, twining stems and gets white trumpet flowers. You need to dig out all the root, not just pull off the top, or it will take over.

JessieMcJessie Sun 08-May-16 14:30:40

Yes, very small flowers on the strawberry. The previous owners were clearly a bit mad on fruit and berries!

Bindweed sounds bad. Is the other plant in the same post as the strawberry possibly sage? Leaves look and smell a bit sagey but bigger than I've seen in the supermarket.

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