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Anyone grown broccoli?

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Clawdy Sun 08-May-16 11:03:13

Probably too late for this year, I know, but was wondering about growing broccoli. We now have a sunny clear patch in the garden and liked the idea of growing some veg. Is it grown from seed, or can you buy seedlings in pots? Is it a bit tricky to grow?

megletthesecond Sun 08-May-16 11:08:09

Not too hard to grow. But all the bugs and caterpillars crawl in to the books and crannies making it a faff to wash.

Maybe if you nuke it with chemicals they keep away? I'm avoiding broccoli for the time being until I've established a better natural bug deterrent.

lljkk Sun 08-May-16 11:10:04

Lots of netting or you're cultivating cabbage white butterflies instead (sigh).

Spring sprouting broccoli has been a small success for us. Harvested before summer so we get to eat it for a change.

Clawdy Sun 08-May-16 11:21:09

Thanks, that is a help.

bookbook Sun 08-May-16 14:38:03

not too late at all - am pricking seedlings out, but you could buy plug plants.Lots available in garden centres and market stalls
Do you mean calabrese - (the one large head), or sprouting broccoli -( lots of smaller stems,)
Both are easy to grow, just cover with some insect netting over spring/summer and in autumn/winter protect with netting from the pigeons.
I have mine on an allotment, and have barely had any caterpillars.
Just cover early smile

Clawdy Sun 08-May-16 16:01:37

Thanks bookbook

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