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Help what can I plant in my new raised flower bed!!!

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Dickorydockwhatthe Sun 08-May-16 10:11:46

It's quite big as it runs along our back wall. I want to have foliage all year round so it doesn't look bear in the winter and it changes with each season. It's at the back of the garden so tends to have shade morning and sun mid day. I am absolutely clueless what plant arrangement to have and where yo put it. Any help would advise would be great.

fiorentina Sun 08-May-16 17:27:04

Try looking at the RHS website where there is a plant finder app that's great. You put in the aspect, the soil type, and if you have a preference for flower colours, evergreens etc. It is so useful. You could grow some nice climbers at the back to hide the fence, I love my trachleospernum jasminoides along our fence, quite evergreen and smell lovely and are fast growing. Then some shrubs in front. Look at the size they grow to, and how fast growing they are, for example I love euphorbia for structural interest, I love mock orange - Philadelphus and choisya. But you need to see what you'd like. Some smaller plants in between. If you don't have a great garden centre nearby is good and they have good ideas for season plants too. Have fun!

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