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Beginner's advice needed please

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Miffyandme Sat 07-May-16 11:28:00

Hello, starting from scratch with new garden (new house), north facing garden, but one corner with a patio gets sun quite late into the evening.
Not got lots of space to plant up as it's a small family garden but please could I have suggestions for shrubs and flowers that would give me colour at different times of the year and which don't require tons of nurturing or maintenance (and not too fragile if a football is kicked around!).
Wanting to get some stuff planted soon for a bit of summer colour but if other stuff better planted later in the year that's fine.
Thanks in advance!

Miffyandme Sat 07-May-16 11:28:55

Ps I have no idea what the soil is like but it is old arable farmland and looking around at other houses which have been here a bit longer I think the soil is reasonable quality.

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