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Willow/bamboo/reed/something else screening for privacy

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SecretSeven Fri 06-May-16 07:20:51


I have a not very nice neighbour, who for the purposes of this discussion we will refer to as Eeyore.

Eeyore has never said anything nice about anyone since we moved in. The last time she spoke to us was about us owning a parking space and her not owning a parking space and having to park on the road.

Our garden is open, and she is always looking in. I don't want to do that. Bugger appearing unfriendly.

The fence currently there is a post and rail thing. It's strong, and I creosote it every year so is in great condition. Would I be able to extend it to say 6 feet, then run a wire across the top and put some of that willow matting you can buy at Wilkos on a big roll? Or will it break in the wind? It just needs to last a couple of years until the plants I'm going to grow up it become established.

Or is it really just a waste of money? Should I just not worry about Eeyore and accept that I don't have any privacy?

SecretSeven Fri 06-May-16 07:26:39

Oh, I should add it's very windswept up here, as we're on top of a hill.

RhubarbCrumble1 Fri 06-May-16 17:07:36

I laughed so hard at Eeyore.
I sympathise as my lovely garden is spoilt by a foul mouthed yob who we affectionally call ...something much worse.
I live in hope he'll move out, we are investigating the fence situation with a company. If they give me any ideas I'll reply but for now...I'm following

SecretSeven Mon 09-May-16 20:29:28

I went to B&Q and had a very useful conversation with the lad working there.

Some was on display. I looked up close and realised the wires that hold it together aren't galvanised so will break very easily. The lad in the shop said sometimes the wires disintegrate before the customer even gets the things home.

A lucky escape!

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