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What can I plant in my vegetable patch this weekend?

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fortuneandglory Thu 05-May-16 13:18:01

I've finally weeded it, dug it over and dug in some manure. It's a bit late I know. I was thinking potatoes....

shovetheholly Thu 05-May-16 15:12:17

I have house guests but will be escaping to put in some brassicas on Sunday - cabbage, romanesco cauli, kohl rabi, pak choi, beetroot. You're actually just a touch early (in most places, the SW would be an exception) for pole beans, courgettes, squashes, and you're definitely in time for carrots, fennel and sweetcorn!

fortuneandglory Thu 05-May-16 16:46:00

Thank you!

LetThereBeCupcakes Fri 06-May-16 06:44:07

I'm putting my potatoes in this weekend. It's a bit late really, but I might as well give them a chance! They might catch up. Monty didn't long ago do his on Gardener's World.

Lots of places do veg plants so you can use those I'd you're too late for seeds.

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