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When will the warmth arrive?

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MadSprocker Mon 25-Apr-16 19:45:35

Anyone else starting to be surrounded by annuals in their house because of the crappy weather? I really want to grow a cut flower bed, but it feels like I will never be able to plant stuff out.

TheSpottedZebra Mon 25-Apr-16 21:19:28

I've got trays and trays of tomato seedlings, mostly.
But they're not growing! They seemed to stall about a week ago.

It's bleak out there, isn't it ? sad <- sad and cold face

What is going in your cut flower bed, then? It sounds very lovely.

applecatchers36 Mon 25-Apr-16 21:33:57

Yes I hear you! My window sils are full of plant seedlings ready to go out. Have cosmos, Californian poppies, nasturtiums, sweet Williams all ready to go out... Wish it would warm up!

shovetheholly Tue 26-Apr-16 07:34:29

Yep, it's grim. First an overly mild Jan/Feb, then a freezing March/April. This seems to be the new pattern for British weather - it's been repeated the last few years. It makes me sad that we've wrecked our climate to the point that we're destroying one of the best things about Britain - the spring.

DoreenLethal Tue 26-Apr-16 07:40:31

I agree; it will come however and you will be complaining about the lack of rain soon.

I have an airing cupboard full of 22 more varieties of tomatoes for selling, and a kitchen worktop overflowing with squashes, tomatoes, pepper etc for my own use.

Only 3ish more weeks to go til the last frost date, not that it matters any more and the ice cold wind gets them if the frost doesn't.

bookbook Tue 26-Apr-16 08:48:00

Same here - a greenhouse full of pricked out annuals for a cutting bed and DD's summer pots. A dining table full of tomatoes and aubergines. Overwintered geraniums and dahlias, pricked out brassicas. And this morning it has been snowing.....

bookbook Tue 26-Apr-16 08:49:03

Ooh - Doreen - you have sown squashes! - mmm I have a tiny bit of windowsill left... smile

MadSprocker Tue 26-Apr-16 08:49:25

Zinnias, cosmos, dahlias and sweet peas, so all a bit tender, and I don't have a green house. In the east of England, and a bit of a frost pocket. It is really cold here today, highs of 6!

Gatekeeper Tue 26-Apr-16 08:50:10

I wish it would hurry up- it was absolutely freezing yesterday with snow and hail flurries and a hard frost this morning. Wind is biting today as well (SW Durham)

MadSprocker Tue 26-Apr-16 19:10:34

I've bought some tunnel cloches from the pound shop to try and warm the ground a bit.

TheSpottedZebra Tue 26-Apr-16 20:18:38

Another frost here today. We've also had rain, hail, snow, sleet and sun. Busy weather!

I've gone out again, and wrapped up my blueberries in fleece, as I am determined that I'll get berries.
Alas my tomatoes that were in the outside grow house thing, have probably died. Luckily I have more that remained inside the house - many, many more...

shovetheholly Wed 27-Apr-16 08:50:38

Snow, hail, sleet yesterday and it is predicted to be -2 here tonight.


I'm emigrating.

CiderwithBuda Wed 27-Apr-16 08:57:00

DH is mega impatient and has planted a lot of our pots up. Some are outside in the shelter of the shed but some are out on the patio. Hope they all survive! We are in south west so maybe not as cold as those of you further north.

bookbook Wed 27-Apr-16 22:43:45

Good job you are not up here!
today we have had - 4 heavy, heavy hail showers
1 very heavy and long snow shower
best temp today 5º and due to go down to -2º tonight

shovetheholly Thu 28-Apr-16 08:24:35

Same here book - it barely stopped snowing, sleeting and hailing yesterday. Absolutely bloody freezing!!

I think it's supposed to start getting a little less cold over the weekend. Fingers crossed!

MadSprocker Thu 28-Apr-16 16:53:52

The seeds are going in next week under cloches/ fleece, and try and persuade my DH to help me make something for sweetpeas to grow up.

blackheartsgirl Fri 29-Apr-16 00:01:58

Same. I've got peppers, chilli peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins and tomatos and nasturtiums on the window sills. Nothing is germinating.

We had snow yesterday. Grrr

shovetheholly Fri 29-Apr-16 07:45:11

I just checked the weather, and from Sunday we are not going to get a low below 5 C for the foreseeable future. It's going to be showery still, but the temperatures are going to climb.

I may be able to see my kitchen again this weekend!! Hooray!

Gatekeeper Fri 29-Apr-16 08:24:09

it's freezing here again and at 5am the council gritter went out sad. I am 52 and I CANNOT remember weather like this in nearly May. It's just started snowing again and is just horrible. Ground outside is sodden and freezing

funnyperson Fri 29-Apr-16 09:08:52

OP you have a point.

-I am seriously considering wrapping the roses in hessian to protect the buds
-I brought in all seedlings last night.
-I will be wrapping up the blueberries in fleece and have put the cover back on the plastic greenhouse.

-You are all wrong. This has nothing to do with global warming. This is because the weather sprites know I sowed seeds this year.

bookbook Fri 29-Apr-16 09:15:57

I am doing the in/out dance with tomatoes and aubergines. I accidentally left the peppers in the greenhouse about 3 nights ago, and they are fine. As are all my annual flowers in the cold greenhouse. But they should now be starting to be outside, so I can pot up the said tomatoes/aubergines. I cannot move in the greenhouse...

MadSprocker Sat 30-Apr-16 17:58:53

Bought sweetpeas, and seeds and seedlings going in this week, because the weather looks ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

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