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Growing herbs outside in April

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MidnightVelvetthe5th Sun 24-Apr-16 14:13:06

Last year I grew about 8 varieties of mint to make tea with & the usual culinary herbs, also chamomile, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries so I'm not a complete novice but I'm still pretty hopeless when it comes to doing different things in the garden. I also don't usually plant herbs until the end of May but I fancy them earlier this year...... smile

I'm going to buy this week - chives, curled parsley, Moroccan mint, coriander & thyme. Ignore the chives as they are fairly hardy & I'm not too worried about them.

With the other 4 I've bought this <-- plastic thing to pop over the plants to protect them from frost. I'll raise the pots up on bricks so they aren't sitting on the floor but do I still need to wrap them in fleece or something to protect the sides?

I've also bought a mini greenhouse thing for tomatoes as the foxes tend to eat them, will these be OK with the same treatment as the herbs?

Thanks smile

MidnightVelvetthe5th Sun 24-Apr-16 14:14:09

Oh I'm not using seeds, I buy small plants online & put them into pots smile

Oldraver Sun 24-Apr-16 14:48:04

I have had Rosemary, Chives, Bay, Parsley and Oregano all winter in pots on the patio. I also had some tri-colour Sage but it doesn't seem to be growing back after I hacked the last lot off.

I think most the ones you want to buy will be ok planting out now and will survive well, though if they are little plants a mini green house might give them a boost.

I think Coriander is a bit more delicate or I just kill it. We have still had frosts here this week so OH tells me, though I am still in bed at 6am when he was scraping

Oldraver Sun 24-Apr-16 14:49:51

Oh BTW I love the little greenhouse...I've been looking for something similar as I had to stop my cat eating my Lillies

bookbook Sun 24-Apr-16 22:16:39

I grow most of those outside in Yorkshire, without any protection, But if you have just bought them in pots, it wouldn't hurt to give them a little bit of help over the next week, as its due to stay cold overnight for a few more days yet.
Coriander is more tender though- I keep that in my greenhouse most of the time, j
Tomatoes need to be well hardened off, but should survive in a mini greenhouse. maybe just bring them in on a night until the risk of frost is gone

DoreenLethal Sun 24-Apr-16 22:19:31

chives, curled parsley, Moroccan mint, coriander & thyme

Out of those only coriander is tender. The rest is going to be fine outdoors in the uk.

Tomatoes on the other hand, need protection for a good few weeks yet. If you are in the Midlands or above, this is week 3 or 4 in May. That mini greenhouse won't keep them alive if they haven't already been hardened off. Keep them indoors for a few weeks yet.

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