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Does this landscaping quote sound reasonable?

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Heatherbell1978 Wed 20-Apr-16 07:29:53

I'm outside Edinburgh in a new build. Have a huge garden (140 sq m) which is fairly unusual for a new house but it's on a slope so there's a catch! House builder has completely messed up drainage and turf which is a separate issue but assuming we get that sorted first we want to get the garden looking nice. We've been quoted £7.5k ish for large sandstone patio (about 60 sq m), a retaining wall built with steps then the grass at the back levelled and re- turfed. Aldo includes a small patio area at back of garden where the sun hits and borders and some trees/plants. I'm no garden expert tbh so going with what he recommended for 'foliage'. Really liked the company and they said they can reduce to £6k (our budget) but we'd need to compromise on a few things.

I have no clue about gardens. Does this sound in the right ball-park? On top of that we'd need to buy garden furniture, a few planters, maybe a it's quite pricey....

piapiapiano Wed 20-Apr-16 07:46:59

That sounds a very good deal to me. We were quoted £6K for a 60 sq m Sandstone patio, without any of the extras, retaining walls, steps, plants etc.

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