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What is this plant??

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AlastorMoody Sun 17-Apr-16 17:15:58

Firstly forgive me - I have zero idea what to do with anything gardening wise! Am just wondering what this monster of a plant is climbing up my drainpipe?

We moved in about 6 months ago and haven't really done much in the garden apart from weeding.

This is our first house (that we own) and so we are at a loss as to what it is and what to do with it! We've got a ladder and some long handled secateurs but not sure what else we need and how to prune it back?

AlastorMoody Sun 17-Apr-16 17:18:46

Update - DMIL thinks it's honeysuckle! Is she right? confused

DoreenLethal Sun 17-Apr-16 17:26:32

It probably is.

Where do you want to prune it to?

You can just chop it back so that it is closer to the house by cutting it back to the space you want it to inhabit and keep it trimmed with shears.

Personally I would chop it to the ground and then train the new shoots as they come to where I want them. but I am a bit of an anti-honeysuckle type person. I wouldn't want that beast hanging onto my drainpipes.

StubbleTurnips Sun 17-Apr-16 17:27:25

There's a fab app called plant snap, and you send a picture and they identify it for you.

headinhands Sun 17-Apr-16 17:29:56

Would honeysuckle be that leafy by mid April?

headinhands Sun 17-Apr-16 17:30:50

Op has it been that leafy over winter?

AlastorMoody Sun 17-Apr-16 17:34:15

Thanks all! Doreen it's worrying me that it could pull the pipe down if not pruned back... It seems to have doubled in size overnight confused DP is deathly scared of spiders and is convinced that's where they're all going to live in Autumn, so need to do something about it now before he starts refusing to put the bins out (they're down the side of it in a passage) grin

Stubble that sounds amazing! Downloading now! There are many plants I can't identify but I want to actually be good at this gardening malarkey at some point.

Head absolutely no idea! Does it not normally do that? It's looked like this, albeit smaller, since August. It got berry type things on it not that long ago. Kind of purpley black.

MewlingQuim Sun 17-Apr-16 17:34:59

Yep honeysuckle, mine is that leafy now. It does grow rather, um, strongly grin

It gets lovely scented flowers, but if it is too big then just chop it back hard. Honeysuckles are pretty indestructible.

AlastorMoody Sun 17-Apr-16 17:36:23

Mewling I was hoping it might be, when do they flower? I might just start hacking at it and see what happens grin

Poikjhvcx Sun 17-Apr-16 17:41:03

I think it's some sort of ever green clematis but I don't really know. blush.

incogKNEEto Sun 17-Apr-16 17:41:34

It is honeysuckle, we have that growing up one of our drainpipes too. It's almost impossible to kill, we have cut it back to the ground before but it resurrects itself!

AlastorMoody Sun 17-Apr-16 17:42:44

Oh gawd, I thought it would be so simple! Cut it down, job done. Would it be easier to send DP on a fear factor type spider course? grin

DoreenLethal Sun 17-Apr-16 17:47:42

If you want rid you will have to dig it out. If you want it and don't want it up your drainpipe, then you cut it at the roots, and train the new shoots up something like a trellis and keep it off your drainpipe.

They are very hard to kill. I've tried loads of times.

honeysucklebegone Tue 19-Apr-16 18:21:25

Update! Will have to name change after this as it will out me but we did it! Took a morning of work and we now need a skip but here's the result...

honeysucklebegone Tue 19-Apr-16 18:22:01

Thanks to all of you for your advice!

honeysucklebegone Tue 19-Apr-16 18:27:44

For a scale of the size of the job, here's the leftovers. We found three old birds nests in there too confused

Quook Tue 19-Apr-16 19:44:34

You do realise some climbers love a good pruning. Its going to come back bigger and stronger wink

This is going to be what your house looks like next year. grin

honeysucklebegone Tue 19-Apr-16 20:03:06

Quook no! No no no! I feel like this lovely scented flowering plant is going to become some dark evil thing that I'll have to battle for the next five years. How are you going to tackle that? Is it even your garden?

Single man lived here before us and it's like he's set us up for a laugh - he's also planted ivy in random places. Has left us with a rather nice acer tree though. But in a really inconvenient place! confused

honeysucklebegone Tue 19-Apr-16 20:04:22

Ps now feeling blush re my is that your garden comment. I can see that it's not grin

DoreenLethal Tue 19-Apr-16 20:12:20

Do you have a garden bin? I wouldn't skip that - I'd use the brown/green/whatever bin to get rid of it. House looks good though well done.

Quook Wed 20-Apr-16 01:29:07

OP. Lol, don't worry the photo was lifted from the Internet. grin

I do have some fast growing honey suckle that's fairly rampant but I love a good hack back so I can keep on top of it.

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