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What should I grow up my many trellises?

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cheapandcheerful Sun 10-Apr-16 13:41:54

Our new house has a garage which is separate from the house (we're on a corner plot) and the side of it facing the house is literally covered in bare trellises.

What shall I put there? And how?

Chottie Sun 10-Apr-16 13:46:44

I love clematis, sweet peas and honeysuckle.

If you like home grown vegetables what about runner beans and peas?

DoreenLethal Sun 10-Apr-16 13:49:03

Is it South East or West Facing [I can see sunlight on the right hand side]? If so, sweet peas, runner or climbing French beans, or Tall eating peas.

You could put as above, clematis or honeysuckle, or a climbing/rambling rose. Any climber that you like the look or smell of. I am partial to Chocolate Vine but it can be a thug.

cheapandcheerful Sun 10-Apr-16 14:10:39

The wall on the right of the picture is south facing. The wall in the shadow is the one facing the house so doesn't get much sun.

I like the idea of sweet peas and clematis. Are these things that I can plant at this time of year? Sorry, I'm a bit of a beginner blush

QuerkyJo Sun 10-Apr-16 14:46:04

The yellow rose, Rosa Banksii Lutea is very fast growing, thornless with a beautiful Scent. You can also buy Roses for the shadier side. Look at the David Austin Website, which has lots of simple explanations about climbing and rambling Roses.

Evergreen Honeysuckle, winter and summer Jasmine will give year round interest.
Virginia creeper or the more rampant Boston Ivy will give Autumn interest.

Don't plant too close too the trellis as the soil is likely to be dry. Dig a trench deeper than you need around the perimeter and half fill with very good quality compost. Then use a mixture of compost and the topsoil to cover. If you are not able to water regularly, I would plant annual climbers now and put in your permanent ones in the Autumn.

cheapandcheerful Sun 10-Apr-16 14:49:11

Thanks! Some great advice!

Anything I plant will be in pots though as the garage is surrounded by driveway... Will this work?

QuerkyJo Sun 10-Apr-16 15:41:00

Vigorous growers will need quite a large pot. Plus Lots of maintenance with regards to feeding and watering. On the sunny side of the garage, look for drought tolerant plants or you will risk losing them. Jasmine , Passion flower and Honeysuckle are very forgiving once established.

A simple trick is to put a large pot on the shady corner, then train the plant laterally to the sunny side. This will keep the roots cool. Don't use terracotta pots on the sunny side as they dry our very quickly,

Quite a few shrubs can be trained by anchoring the branches to the trellis to give the effect of a climbing plant.

Evergreens with lots of berries would be good, euonymus Silver Queen makes a good back drop plant and the birds like to rest in its branches. You could also hang baskets on it to add colour or make a fern wall on the shadier side. This might be good while your climbers and ramblers are gettin established. Or a sedum wall - a bit like the 'living roof' if money no object.

funnyperson Sun 10-Apr-16 22:14:24

I suggest Jasmine, honeysuckle, clematis, roses, figs,

Winter jasmine and summer jasmine
Spring and summer flowering honeysuckle
Winter clematis eg jinlge bells, a spring montana eg broghton star and a summer flowering viticella clematis eg abundance or etoille voilette
Roses go with clematis eg rose new dawn with clematis etoille violette
Figs are brilliant to grow against a sunny wall if you like figs.

Do treat the trellis with preservative before you plant the plants

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