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Does anyone fancy a seed/plant swap?

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JazzAnnNonMouse Sat 02-Apr-16 06:06:08

I was wondering whether anyone fancied a seed/plant swap?
The plants could be perennial for perennial (if they need separating) etc
Cuttings that have taken ?

I quite often receive plants in the post so I don't see why we couldn't post them to each other!

elephantoverthehill Sat 02-Apr-16 06:12:03

This does sound like a good idea. However, knowing my often ungreen fingers I would not like any complaints. I could offer quite a few, if they survive the post.

JazzAnnNonMouse Sat 02-Apr-16 06:31:04

No complaining allowed wink

I'm going to look at my seed box tomorrow and have a look outside too smile

elephantoverthehill Sat 02-Apr-16 06:44:35

Off the top of my head, for one week only (because I will go back to work and may not be reliable thereafter) I can offer australian primroses/ elephant ears, cowslips and various hardy geraniums. I do live in the very south of England, so this may be a factor to consider with regard to climate.

JazzAnnNonMouse Sat 02-Apr-16 06:50:13

I would love some elephants ears and hardy geraniums! I need to go out later and find something you'd like! I know I have Mickle mouse daisys and lambs ear but my garden is quite new so many things aren't established. I do have quite a variety of seeds though!

What kind of thing are you looking for?

DoreenLethal Sat 02-Apr-16 08:14:06

Seed swaps - good but i think on here they are not allowed due to the adress issue.

Plant swaps - better done at an actual plant swap. I have tried arranging plant swaps before and the cost of the postage means that actually it might be cheaper to buy one.

Also, who moderates it when one party gets a load of plants or seeds and theirs never show up with their swapees?

JazzAnnNonMouse Sat 02-Apr-16 09:35:22

There are groups on Facebook where it works.

I've done present swaps on mumsnet before just pm the address.

DoreenLethal Sat 02-Apr-16 10:10:08

I am sure it does.

I know how people send the addresses!

I used to moderate a large gardening forum; and many many times was pulled in to sort out things that never arrived. Esp with name changing on here it is hard to check that someone is not a newbie just after your plants and seeds who disappears as soon as they have their stash.

Just warning you of the issues; by all means I hope it works out for you.

silversixpence Sat 02-Apr-16 10:35:05

I did a seed swap for some cut flower seeds last year, it wasn't a problem.

JazzAnnNonMouse Sat 02-Apr-16 11:23:39

Ok seeds I have to swap are:
Flowers: angelica archangelica, sweat peas, mahonia, calendula

Edibles all organic : cabbage savoy, tomato tamina, pal choi, parsley, perpetual spinach, broccoli purple, Cape gooseberry, okauiziki, sprouting peas, white cabbage, onion, beetroot, cabbage Durham early, lettuce green salad bowl, lettuce webbs wonderful, pea progress no 9, pea rondo

I'm looking for perennial flowers/interesting plants (plants seeds or cuttings) or things that self seed well, bulbs, medicinal plants, pretty plants, ferns, climbers (not annual), interesting herbs, perennial saliva, bee friendly plants, good for pollinaters, some shade loving plants too, forest flowers. Not looking for any more veg seeds though!

Anything like that smile

elephantoverthehill Sat 02-Apr-16 12:43:24

JazzAnn PM me and I will get those sent off to you. I love your interpretation of 'Mickle Mouse Daises'. I always thought they were 'Michaelmas' daisies. I demonstrate a far too Protestant upbringing! Your name for the blighters is far prettier.

JazzAnnNonMouse Sat 02-Apr-16 13:11:25

Haha I think that's probably what they're called really but they're from my grandparents and they've always called them that! grin

elephantoverthehill Sat 02-Apr-16 17:56:33

JazzAnn Thank you for the PM I will get those posted on Monday. I also have verbena if anyone is interested. I am after an evergreen clematis if anyone is green fingered enough to get a cutting to take. I have tried and failed blush

JazzAnnNonMouse Sun 10-Apr-16 08:18:25

Elephant I do have an evergreen clematis but I've no idea how go take a cutting from it?!

JazzAnnNonMouse Wed 13-Apr-16 15:42:59

I have aqalegias and lavender hidcote echinacea and foxglvoes small plants to swap

pinkskyinthecity Fri 15-Apr-16 19:48:30

I have whole plants (3" pots) of Comfrey Bocking 14 or root cuttings (bee-magnets); Chrysographes black form plants; Penstemon pink flowered plants.

I am looking for cherry tomato; Chilli numex; Baptisia; Actaea simplex; monarda; sea lavendar and hellebores that are unusual (peach; black; or tinged contrasting colours on the petals.


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