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Peonies in pots

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PayAttentionNigel Tue 29-Mar-16 21:28:42


Peonies are actually my favourite flower but I have none in my garden, I'm hoping to change that! Does anyone have an advise? I'm looking for soft pink/purple shades, to go in pots. Any recommendations on types herbaceous/wood or where to buy? Also do I need to by some supports for them and I was thinking of adding other plants/bulbs in the pots for more interest any tips gratefully received smile

Unremarkable Mon 04-Apr-16 14:52:31

You're asking at the wrong time of year! You're best buying peonies as bare-root plants and plant them in the autumn. You'll want a herbaceous peony to go in a pot (tree peonies will be too tall and flop). Kelways have a lovely selection. Supports are always useful as the heads are heavy and will often flop. You can get cast iron grow-through grids that might work. You'll need a pretty big pot for a peony so if you planted some spring/autumn flowering bulbs deep in the base of the pot it would prolong the interest. Daff/tulips and nerines perhaps? Peonies don't like to be disturbed too much so once it's established then it will want to be left alone so you'd better make some careful choices. Good luck. I love peonies but I've found them difficult to establish.

TheNoodlesIncident Mon 04-Apr-16 23:29:42

Claire Austin also have a good range of peonies, it's worth looking to see what's out there. Some varieties such as Sarah Bernhardt are available almost everywhere for fairly little, others are less common and subsequently cost a lot more. I often find I'm looking for a specific variety but then see loads some more I much prefer - peonies are my favourite too so this happens a lot...

Supports are recommended as the blooms tend to weigh the stems down - put in place before the plant actually needs them.

Actually Claire Austin is a good site to look at as they also have very good advice on planting and growing peonies successfully.

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