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North London landscaper and approximate cost?

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lawlie Tue 29-Mar-16 14:54:18

Hi all,

I live in North London and my garden is a typical London garden - access through the flat (annoying) and about 5m x 6m.

I should start by saying I know nothing about gardening other than I want a low maintenance, nice, functional garden rather than the jungle I have at the moment which is of no use to anyone!

It is quite flat and in fact, a middle section is already paved. There is a small shed and two flower beds.

I would like to pave over the entire area (so removing shed) with either slate or sandstone, except for about a third of the garden where I would like artificial grass. I would like a L-shaped border on one corner with white raised beds, and wooden seating.

How much do you think this would cost and do you have a landscaper which covers North London which you would recommend?

Many thanks

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