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Can I move tulips in leaf?

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MotherBluestocking Fri 25-Mar-16 21:42:05

So I'm planting up a new border (tomorrow morning if the weather permits). It was laid out last year but wasn't ready until too late in the summer to plant it up, so in the autumn I filled it with tulips with a view to planting it up properly in the spring. Said tulips are now coming along very nicely - a couple almost in flower - apart from one area where my lovely builder dumped a whole load of earth when he was building a retaining wall.
While most of the new plants are perennials which can be tucked in between the tulips, there are four shrubs which can't go in without a certain amount of disturbance.
What would happen if I carefully dug up the obstructing tulips and replanted them in the tulip graveyard where the earth was dumped?

Ilovelblue Fri 25-Mar-16 23:44:05

I wouldn't do it to be honest but if it's really unavoidable, you would have to ensure you dug up plenty of soil so as not to disturb the roots. Can it not wait? The tulips will be finished probably by the end of April.

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