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No-dig people, is this a sensible plan?

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toomuchtooold Sun 20-Mar-16 10:43:02

I've got this area of my garden which is basically scrubby weeds and some grass with 4 tiny blueberry bushes in it. I don't have a lot of time to work on that bit of the garden and I was thinking of trying to sheet mulch it and plant strawberry plants through the sheets. I had a couple of questions...
- what material would you recommend for mulching? I need something really water-permeable because of the blueberry bushes, I guess?
- I guess the plants won't be able to establish runners - would I be better to mulch with something that will rot into the ground this year? Does anyone know of sheeting that will do that?
- anything else I should have thought of?


TheSpottedZebra Sun 20-Mar-16 11:45:00

I am quite new to gardening, but I am pro no-dig. Or maybe just anti-digging a bit!

Cardboard with holes would work, wouldn't it? Or even straw. Or woven weed membrane as opposed to plastic sheeting would let most of the rain in.

And the runners - you could always pop the runners into pots in top of the membrane, then you can plant them out where you want them. Makes it much easier to keep an eye on the age of the plants, as you might want to chuck them out when they're 3 yrs old or older.

Don't blueberries like an acid soil? Have you acidic soil there?

GandalfsOtherHat Sun 20-Mar-16 11:53:25

Do you have acidic soil? My blueberries only started thriving and produced LOADS once I potted them in Acidic soil. It started of as a piddly plant from those free offers in magazines (all mine came home that way!). Cheap pot from wilkos and a bag of ericaceous compost, I re-post every two years.
I'd pot them up and do a proper strawberry bed, really worth it. I got 6kg of strawbs from 1.2 m2 raised bed last year (best yield yet - Tomorite and lots of water!!)

toomuchtooold Sun 20-Mar-16 19:58:25

My soil's fairly acidic - 5.5 or so, and I put in the blueberries with low pH compost. It's one of the reasons I chose blueberries tbh because we knew the soil would be pretty acidic - 30 years ago it was all pine forest! The bushes are new in this year.

Woven weed membrane might be the way forward... it's quite a windy site at times so good if it was something I could pin down.

Thanks both!

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