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artificial grass

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hilbil21 Wed 16-Mar-16 18:14:06

Do any of you have artificial grass? We have recently moved into a house which has gravel in the back garden and I'm looking to get the gravel removed and artificial grass put down. I will be getting quotes but just wondered how much I am looking at per square metre?

EsmesBees Wed 23-Mar-16 20:05:17

Just a bump as have been wondering the same thing. I love a real lawn but not the time it takes to maintain.

Shopper99 Sat 23-Jul-16 17:53:35


Kennington Sat 23-Jul-16 17:56:25

There are various types......Check it doesn't have reclaimed tyre rubber as there are some carcinogens in it and it is considered really bad for health.
Otherwise cannot help!

Kennington Sat 23-Jul-16 17:57:19

Check it isn't fron reclaimed tyre rubber. This is really bad stuff!

Shopper99 Sat 23-Jul-16 19:39:17

Blimey that sounds horrific!

user1487580934 Mon 20-Feb-17 08:59:24

I’m afraid that no one here will be able to give you an exact amount since surfacing contractors have different rates. You should go online and look which company offers the best services for reasonable and competitive prices. Be sure to find a contractor that can help you not only in installing artificial grass but also with the removal of the gravel on your backyard. This way, you don’t have to work with two different contractors.

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