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Indoor hydrangea outdoors?

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dolkapots Thu 10-Mar-16 18:13:11

I got a mini hydrangea as a gift, which I assume is supposed to be an indoor plant? Would it be ok to pot it up and put it outside when the weather warms?

Callmegeoff Fri 11-Mar-16 16:25:48

It's an outdoor plant that's been forced to flower early by being fed and confused about the season. I got one last year, I carefully nurtured it gradually acclimatising it to outdoor life. It has survived.

Kr1stina Fri 11-Mar-16 22:18:41

Please do. It will be much happier outside .

dolkapots Sat 12-Mar-16 07:19:46

Great, thanks. I will put it in a bigger pot (with any particular type of compost?) and put it outside in a sheltered spot. It is a gorgeous shade of purple so I really hope it takes!

Kr1stina Sat 12-Mar-16 07:45:53

Don't put it out yet as its too cold . Wait until 1 may. Once it's used to the cold it can stay out all year .

If it's to stay in the pot forever it will need a soil based compost . Some prefer acid soils , others will tolerate some alkalinity . Does the label have its full name ? Once you know that you can look it up and find out more about what it likes and it's final height and width .

Keeping it in a post will keep it small , they are medium shrubs. You will need to keep potting it on into a bigger pot as its grows. You can't put it in a big pot straight away.

They are woodland plants so generally they like to be moist and in semi shade, unless you are in a cool part of the country .

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