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Wisteria help needed

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Toots38 Tue 08-Mar-16 12:28:11

First off I have no idea about gardening so any help is much appreciated.
We have a climbing plant on the front of our house. It flowered at the end of last summer and it's a wisteria. It's beautiful. It's rampant,growing back in of itself, taking over the roof space of our open porch, trying to get in Windows. What should I do with it? Any tips on pruning? It's so lovely when it flowers.

shovetheholly Tue 08-Mar-16 12:47:59

I am very very very jealous. A mature wisteria is a wonderful thing: it's something I love about my native Suffolk, seeing really old plants growing up the sides of buildings. I'm guessing you're somewhere that's lovely and warm for it to be growing like that!

Unfortunately, wisteria pruning is a bit of an art. It's not difficult once you get the hang, but you do have to give it some thought at the start. You have to do it twice a year, once about now, and once late summer. I'm guessing you didn't do the summer prune, as that's the one that deals with all the problem growth and all the whippy bits it throws off everywhere. So I would prune it back quite hard now - don't leave it much longer or it'll be a bit late. You can cut out any branches that are giving you problems, and space out the rest of the growth. You need to read up on how to do this for the final shape that you want - here's a good starting point (contains video):

Toots38 Tue 15-Mar-16 08:53:05

Thanks shovetheholly for the advice and video link. I am hoping to tackle it today. It's wild and enormous, nothing like any of the wisteria plants shown in any of the RHS videos.,I think I've got the technique, and I feel reassured that it can handle a hard prune. I may even take a before and after photo.

PurpleWithRed Tue 15-Mar-16 08:57:29

The good thing about wisteria is it's tough as old boots and even if you don't prune it 'right' you won't kill it, and it will do its hardest to flower again this year for you. I also am very very jealous.

AbsoluteBeginner Thu 17-Mar-16 06:31:26

Are you sure it's wisteria. Mine flowers late spring not late summer. And you said it didn't look like one in the video?

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