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Which way does my garden face - extreme novice alert

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Queenofthesilverdollar Sun 06-Mar-16 21:59:36


We are just finishing renovating house and need to turn our attention to the very neglected f & b gardens

Neither DH or I know anything much.

Front fairly easy - small all weeds and grass with central path. Def South facing. On busy road. Was planning to clear, resurface path as mud agh in part and plant lavenders. Or just throw wild flower seeds for this year.

Back garden about 150 ft long and 50 wide. Steep slope up. With Cold frame green house at top. Wall three sides and ropey fence. Other than clearing and fixing fence we haven't a clue.

Also if front is south facing back must be north facing but given size and slope think more south facing typ at top - is that right?

Help we should we start

shovetheholly Mon 07-Mar-16 11:21:14

Yep, if front is definitely south-facing, back must be north-facing. A slope will not change the fact that it's north-facing - only a change of direction will do this! However, you are right that once a north-facing area is out of the shadow of things like houses, you tend to get a lighter area at the end, which has a different kind of character.

I think the very first thing to do is to figure out how you're going to manage a steep slope, because otherwise when you start digging you'll be in a mudslide situation! There are many solutions from terracing to use of stones to creating a kind of valley effect. Have a look on Pinterest for some inspiration! It's worth getting this right (even at a cost) as it's the foundation for everything else in your garden.

Quoteunquote Mon 07-Mar-16 11:34:08



and more

Where is the last of the evening sun? Is it where the greenhouse is situated.

Create a terrace where the last of the sun is, and create one where the breakfast time sun is and link the two.

Queenofthesilverdollar Tue 08-Mar-16 23:39:52

Thanks sorry for not replying work crisis.the evening sun is on the west of the garden the green house is at the top but facing the sun and the end of the garden is higher than the house

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