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Novice gardener - geranium question

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EastMids2 Fri 04-Mar-16 17:09:53

Last summer we bought about 25 geraniums, mixed varieties and they looked really good in pots and tubs. People told me to "bring them in for winter" so into the garage they went and I didn't really pay much attention apart from removing the odd dead bits. Moved house a couple of months ago and the pots went into a cool conservatory (no garage now) and about a week later they started to sprout new greenery, so I watered them. I now have a magnificent display inn full bloom, lots of buds etc.

My question is, if they are flowering now, will this continue throughout summer? Or is this it and they will die off again in a few months? I'd love to think they would go on flowering if I feed and water them outside in about May. Advice please!

Ferguson Fri 04-Mar-16 20:19:21

I think you really mean 'pelargoniums' . Provided they are looked after, and the dead flower heads are cut off regularly, then they should keep going all year.

Protect from any expected frosts (there has been snow in the north in last day or two). They can stay in pots - maybe replace the compost after a few months. Or they can be planted out in borders. You can probably cut off side shoots at ground level, and pot on to get new little plants.

EastMids2 Fri 04-Mar-16 21:09:41

Well that's confusing about names - I'm sure they were labelled as geraniums at the garden centre, but yes I think I do mean pelargonium, thank you Ferguson. Good news about flowering all year!

Ferguson Sat 05-Mar-16 19:06:48

Yes - most people call them 'geraniums' - but to more 'serious' gardeners 'geraniums' are the hardy 'cranesbill' plants, of which there are hundreds of different sizes and colours.

Also easy to grow from cuttings, are fuchsia, which can be trained into tall 'standard' shapes, or kept small and compact. Again, hundreds to flower varieties:

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