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Plant gift for new home

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hydrangea78 Fri 04-Mar-16 14:46:21

Friends moving into new home this w/e. New build so not much of a garden yet.
I'd like to get a plant as a gift. Can anyone suggest something that could be planted or potted now?? Or is it too early in the year?
Thank you!

Ferguson Fri 04-Mar-16 20:39:32

If it is 'container grown' so is well established, it should be OK to plant out, PROVIDED there isn't too much more snow or frosts expected - as has just occurred up north!

We have had a superb magnolia stellata for over thirty years, and it flowers profusely every year:

It will start off small, but grow into a medium size tree, so will need an adequate space. They are normally white, but there are pale pink varieties.

Or an 'acer palmatum disectum' , which is grown for it leaf colour, and will stay small for 20-30 years. The leaf colour can be red, yellow, pale green or mottled, and here is a good selection:

Or if you don't know what their 'tastes' are, you can give a garden centre tolen.

hydrangea78 Sat 05-Mar-16 03:08:44

Thank you, I had been wondering about a magnolia so am really pleased you mentioned it. Sorted!

Ferguson Sat 05-Mar-16 18:53:40

Hi again -

The magnolia I mentioned is Magnolia Stellata (star) which is more delicate than the big, flashy magnolias, that can grow into large trees. Partly depends on size of garden as to what it can accommodate.

Underneath could be planted snowdrops, other small bulbs, or cyclamen. But eventually the magnolia branches may droop down to touch the ground, so you won't see much of what is underneath.

Another delightful small bulb is Ipheion "Charlotte Bishop" :

pinkskyinthecity Sun 13-Mar-16 16:21:54

Personally, I'd go with a a silver birch as it wouldn't cast as much shade as a magnolia would, plus the leaves can be rather big and tedious to sweep up (in years to come. (Although, I'm not sure the stellata will grow as tall as the normal one I had)
Ornanamental Cherry: We're in the season right now, with so many types of flowers and shades of pink (or white if you prefer) to choose from. My fave is:

prunus beni-chidori

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