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fast growing creeper?

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smilesandsun Wed 24-Feb-16 12:40:26

Hi what should I been looking at ? I need a fast growing creeper that is fairly delicate looking and flowers at some point each year. I want to use it for privacy and train it along some wires.

Someone had mentioned hydrangea creepers?

shovetheholly Wed 24-Feb-16 12:58:05

I think you need to be a bit careful because 'fast-growing creeper' is another way of saying 'total thug that will try to swallow your house'. Do not be tempted to buy legendary quick-growing things like Russian vine! Some varieties of virginia creeper will also romp away rather too wildly - though Parthenocissus henryana is pretty and less of a handful.

What way does the site for the plant face? Is it sunny or shady?

If it's for privacy, do you need it to be evergreen? If so, clematis armandii or tracylospermum jasminoides are good, standard choices. If you like wildlife, Pyracantha is much loved by birds and bees and is also evergreen with very colourful winter berries.

If you don't need it to be evergreen, the standard choice might be something like a clematis montana - nicknamed 'mile a minute' for a reason, and you can get varieties with scented flowers these days.

These are all rather obvious choices though. If you let us know more about where you want to put this and what you want to screen, maybe we can suggest some more unusual things!

smilesandsun Wed 24-Feb-16 13:12:32

The spot is onto of a brick fence to give privacy for both neighbours.
Back fence so not attached to any house.

Will get dappled sunlight most of the day

Needs to be ever green for the winter months & maintaining privacy.

I don't want anything like an ivy, something more delicate and not over bearing or indeed a 'swallow your house' type plant.

Appreciate any advice as I am new to having a garden!

bilbodog Wed 24-Feb-16 14:19:46

There is a thornless rose called rosa banksiae lutea which is evergreen, grows rapidly, and has small clusters of pale yellow roses in early spring. It is lovely and will cover a fence or wall within a couple if years. You could grow a later flowering clematis through it to get flowers later in the year.

smilesandsun Sun 28-Feb-16 09:31:30

any other options?

QuerkyJo Sun 28-Feb-16 10:55:35

If you are prepared to put a bit of work in then it is doable. By nature a quick growing plant will be invasive, but maintenance will keep it in check.

Russian Vine, is very quick growing and has pretty white flowers. You do have to keep on top of it though as it can be thuggish.

Summer Jasmine and winter Jasmine will give you year round greenery. Also honeysuckle, beautifully scented and some are evergreen.

Weigela, pyracantha and Philadelphus also make excellent screening plants.

My advice would be to try a combination of plants to give year round interest.

QuerkyJo Sun 28-Feb-16 10:56:37

All of the above can be trained along wires.

shovetheholly Mon 29-Feb-16 10:51:53

I would be tempted to look at a combination of trachylospermum (summer flowering) with evergreen clematises. Some have beautiful winter flowers (clematis cirrhosa 'freckles' or Wisley cream), some flower in the spring (e.g. clematis armandii 'snowdrift'). If you added an autumn-flowering climber (clematis Bill Mackenzie?) as well, you'd have something in flower almost all year.

Have a look at this article for more suggestions!

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