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Clothes for grebbing!

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shovetheholly Tue 09-Feb-16 11:13:45

It FINALLY stopped raining! And glorious sunshine prevails. And I have just come in from a glorious seed-sowing-and-potting-on session in the greenhouse. Problem is, I am a little bit grebby. I'm the kind of person who only has to look at a bag of compost to find smears of it all over me.

So question for all you gardeners: what do you wear? I'm after something I can put over my normal clothes very quickly, when I nip out to sow a few seeds or to water. I have rough clothes for the real dirty digging, but I can't always be bothered to change completely if I'm only taking 10 minutes just to do a job or two.

Anyone have any smart suggestions?

Palomb Tue 09-Feb-16 11:15:47

I cleaned my greenhouse out this morning in my pyjamas blush. Normally I wear tracksuit bottoms and one of dhs old tshirts. I hate wearing jeans as always end up with them halfway down my arse! I had actually considered getting some braces like Monty grin

Palomb Tue 09-Feb-16 11:16:22

What about some overalls? The ones like farmers wear..

toomuchtooold Tue 09-Feb-16 11:35:20

No good answers here but I'm watching with interest because I too end up manky and with my jeans falling off my bum - the jeans off the bum issue particularly bad this morning as I was trying to cut back some massive rhododendrons. God I hate rhododendrons.

shovetheholly Tue 09-Feb-16 11:41:59

I really, REALLY hate falling-down trousers. It's not just the fact that I'm displaying, builder's-bum style, to the whole neighbourhood - it's bloody uncomfortable trying to move around like that.

Laughing at cleaning out a greenhouse in PJs. Weren't you cold?!

Dungarees may be a way forward. I can't believe I actually just typed that confused

gingeroots Tue 09-Feb-16 11:45:59

I think an apron

or waterproof apron

or a tabard ?

shovetheholly Tue 09-Feb-16 11:48:56

Oh gingerroots you may just have saved my neighbours the sight of me in dungarees, for which they would truly thank you if they only knew how close they'd come to that horror. That first one looks really good. I like the split up the front so you can still move.

Palomb Tue 09-Feb-16 15:59:08

That tabard looks brilliant! It's got a pocket for seed packets, pokers and string too!

I wasn't cold in my pyjamas no, it's be a beautiful bright day here and I think the sunlight made it feel warmer than it actually was. Roll on Spring!

shovetheholly Tue 09-Feb-16 16:00:24

flowers flowers flowers SPRINGTIME! flowers flowers flowers

Today I am just starting to get the start of that feeling that 'Oh, the great green rush of spring life is coming'!!

Palomb Tue 09-Feb-16 16:19:28

Me too! I can't wait. I'm normally fully engrossed in seed catalogues this time of year but our house is on the market at the moment so I'm not doing anything from see this year. It feels very weird!

shovetheholly Tue 09-Feb-16 16:21:01

Oh gosh, that must feel REALLY strange! Maybe you'll be moved and settled in your new house in time to catch the end of the sowing season? A new garden is a lovely challenge to have, as well.

Sadik Tue 09-Feb-16 16:29:12

You just need a boiler suit/overalls to stick on over your regular clothes - you can get womens cut ones but I just wear a mens/unisex pair, the smallest size is fine (despite being 5' & a size 8). I think with an apron, you'd still end up with grubby cuffs/trousers, surely?

Palomb Tue 09-Feb-16 17:03:26

Hopefully! The garden is one of the main reasons we want to move. I have got garden plans coming out of my ears 😂 It does feel odd not doing very much this season though.

gingeroots Tue 09-Feb-16 17:53:43

I've tried a boiler suit but find it too confining .But then I have mobilty problems with my shoulders .And I'm not size 8 blush.

I'm not quite sure about the Esschert apron ...I'd like to see it on someone .This review casts a few doubts on the fit
First impression was that it was very stiff and if the neck strap is such that the front is at an appropriate height then the waist strap is wrong. If the neck strap is at the height I would like it makes you take the weight of the apron round your neck which is uncomfortable. I would have preferred a larger bib at the front and straps which tied rather than had a clasp. The pocket in the middle at the front needs a fastener at the top. Also my fork has gone through the stitching in the pocket. Saying all this I do use it quite a lot.

I'm considering a pvc pinny with a cut up the skirt grin

gingeroots Tue 09-Feb-16 17:58:03

And if anyone is wondering why I'm researching gardening pinnies as opposed to being out gardening ...a funny turn ( horrid hypo like legacy of surgery on my digestive system) curtailed my daisy culling . Just as I was finally getting the knack of removing them without taking half the lawn with them .

funnyperson Tue 09-Feb-16 20:44:11

I like these aprons and in the womens section the smock thing

funnyperson Tue 09-Feb-16 20:47:27

This would be good if it had proper pockets and was cheaper. One is tempted to sew one

TheSpottedZebra Tue 09-Feb-16 20:54:32

I like the word grebby - but I don't know what it means,. Is it like grubby, or is it more muck-magnet?

I am both usually, but aprons would be no good for me as I get mucky on my sleeves as well as my front blush

So I change for gardening, and other dirty things. I wear jeggings, which won't droop or gape, and which have enough stretch in to be comfy. And I have a special gardening jacket, which is waterproof, and was blue but is now more brown. Yes, from mud. I really ought to wash it. But anyway, I can just pop it on over Hong sn to stop my sleeves getting filthy.

The glamour never ends with me. Because it never begins.

Sadik Tue 09-Feb-16 21:32:21

I also have a cornish smock which I wear a lot - again it's good to put on over things & has lots of pockets. They last forever, mine is more or less this pattern in a dark navy (the open neck is easier for pulling on and off than the more traditional style).

didireallysaythat Tue 09-Feb-16 22:12:30

I too have a fisherman's smock. Fantastic pockets for secateurs, matches, tissues, seed packets, everything ! Windproof and sort of water resistant.

toomuchtooold Tue 09-Feb-16 22:18:03

Those smocks look ace. How's the sizing? I'm a size 16, think a medium would do?

didireallysaythat Tue 09-Feb-16 22:22:52

Smock fabric isn't at all stretchy (it's sail material) so getting in and out, especially if you have a fleece top on, is for me at least, a hysterical 2 minutes of twisting, cursing etc. If in doubt I'd size up.

shovetheholly Wed 10-Feb-16 07:40:09

Zebra - grin I am SO SO glad I'm not the only one. I don't know if it's a real word... it's what DH says, generally when I am fresh in from the garden, in the context of 'Oh, you've been grebbing but (^takes a closer look^) how on EARTH - go and look at your face in the mirror- no, don't come near me with that on!' It often goes with mutterings about living with a street urchin. DH is very image conscious and always nicely turned out. So the opposite of me. Other women manage to garden elegantly with straw hats and baskets. I look more like I've been up a dozen chimneys and then through the trenches.

I love the idea of a smock or a boiler suit! And I have Aldi work trousers which are brill. But this is more a things for those times where you think - 'I'll just take ten minutes and pot that up', and you can't be bothered to change. I just want something I can slip over my clothes in 30 seconds flat.

funny - those links are lovely, but a bit out of my price range. I also fear I will reduce them to shreds within seconds. I can pretty much tear anything. I was once chopping a hedge right by some sharp wire fencing, and I managed to tear the back out of my trousers so it was actually hanging down - and I only realised after another 3 hours blush.

didireallysaythat Wed 10-Feb-16 07:52:44

I also have a set of US army tank mechanics overalls. Not a look the style and beauty pages will be recommending any day soon.

Sadik Wed 10-Feb-16 08:28:10

toomuchtooold - I just rang up and asked about sizes when I bought mine.

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