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Winter planters - what looks attractive.

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littlejo67 Thu 12-Nov-15 22:57:48

I have a few large tubs by exterior doors and I want to put some attractive plants in them. Saw Cyclamen and Chrysanthemums in Garden centre and thought - as they are currently flowering they would be dead soon. What do people put in tubs for autumn /winter colour?

bookbook Fri 13-Nov-15 19:23:14

Traditionally I plant pansies and primroses on top of bulbs with a small evergreen with some leaf interest and height
If you dont like pansies and primroses maybe a small evergreen shrub something like Gaulteria Procumbens or Hebe "Bronze Glow" with some trailing ivy, and heathers

gingeroots Sat 14-Nov-15 10:00:30

As far as I know cyclamen will carry on flowering - though I could be wrong blush.No expert .Just googled and says will flower until Christmas .

I've planted small cyclamen ,violas ,hebe ,heather and a few strands of small leaved golden hearted ivy as I like a bit of a trail .
I discovered trailing pansies very late (sadly) so only have one pot with these .

I've gone for small cyclamen and violas because I think the cyclamens are prettier and I'd read that violas cope with wind and rain better .But larger might look better in big planters .

I've filled in some gaps with forget-me-not seedlings as they are rampant in my garden .

I've seen this around and considered but decided against .

littlejo67 Sat 14-Nov-15 22:15:52

Thank you both very much. Inspired now :-)

yankeecandle4 Sun 15-Nov-15 08:39:50

I go for evergreen shrubs with primrose interspersed. IME cyclamen/pansies are not great in high winds.

B&Q have a massive clearance sale on plants and I got lots of evergreen shrub packs for half price, as well as rosemary bushes for £1 (I am putting these in planters as presents). Silver Mist is also great, hardy and good growth. I bought Black Beard to plant in a white container; haven't tried it before but it looks well and is evergreen (or black!).

gingeroots Sun 15-Nov-15 08:54:47

I like your suggestions yankee ,must try them next year .

I should have thought of the silver mist I should have thought of that .

gingeroots Sun 15-Nov-15 08:55:24

And great idea re presents and B&Q sell off !

yankeecandle4 Sun 15-Nov-15 09:36:10

Also you can't go wrong with cordyline, the red one is especially nice in winter.

rainydaygrey Sun 15-Nov-15 09:39:44

I like heather myself.

gingeroots Sun 15-Nov-15 10:05:26

rainy I'm new to heather . I've planted in containers and used ericaceous soil . Is it summer/late autumn that it flowers ? Is it fairly dwarf/slow growing i.e. can I leave it in the container or will it take over ?

bookbook Sun 15-Nov-15 11:44:49

they are usually fairly slow growing gingerootsand maybe get a bit straggly IYSWIM , but pretty in late winter/early spring, lots of shades from white through to dark pink. i have to put them in pots, as my garden is on chalk, and they just don't thrive.

yankeecandle4 Sun 15-Nov-15 12:05:39

I know winter cabbages aren't to everyone's taste, but I got my first one this year and now I'm converted!

littlejo67 Tue 17-Nov-15 17:52:08

Wow thanks for all the suggestions. First time I checked for a couple of days. So i am thinking combinations of - red cordyline /colourful heather with primroses/ Cyclamen and bulbs underneath.

littlejo67 Tue 17-Nov-15 17:53:08

Or maybe some cabbages under the red cordyline.....

ZebedeesJeans Fri 20-Nov-15 19:51:23

Bookbook - you mentioned bulbs with pansies and primroses on top. I've planted a couple of pots with tulips, if I top with plants that are flowering now, will they have finished flowering by the time the tulips come through? I don't want a mish-mash of plants in the spring

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