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Can anyone identify this? It has pinky white attractive flowers in summer...

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Draylon Sun 25-Oct-15 15:38:25

But I can't for the life of me remember what it is! A lily of some sort?

Just inherited it from DM's conservatory, so I guess it's tender.

ShowOfHands Sun 25-Oct-15 15:41:10

I have a few lilies that look exactly like that right now but very different in summer as they flower differently.

Any of these look familiar?

Draylon Sun 25-Oct-15 15:48:23

My 'concern' (such as it is!) is that the foliage of lilies looks wrong; so I am going to look at some orchid-like things! I may also be barking up the wrong tree, there!

I may yet have to wait til it flowers!

wowfudge Tue 27-Oct-15 00:18:06

The leaves look like agapanthus - should have flowered by now unless it wasn't happy for some reason. Some leaves are a bit yellow - perhaps needs splitting and re-potting and a bit of tlc.

Draylon Tue 27-Oct-15 13:31:29

No, not one of those! I have one, though the leaves are pretty similar! I'm going to have to wait for it to flower again, aren't I?!

Draylon Tue 27-Oct-15 13:32:17

Actually, if you blow the picture up, you can see the dead flower stems, the brown twiggy ones...

CuttedUpPear Wed 28-Oct-15 23:09:32

It's a hemerocalis, or Day Lily.

Draylon Thu 29-Oct-15 08:08:24

Ah ha, that looks familiar! Thanks!

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