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i couldn't resist...

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bookbook Fri 16-Oct-15 19:36:41

The sad/flog off shelf smile
I bought 6 big primroses for 50p , a lovely lavender 'hidcote' in a 2L pot pot for £1 and a really big ,established climbing fuchsia 'Lady in Black' ( that was marked down to £10). I have had them at home , nurturing them back to full health, all doing well ! primroses and lavender have homes ready and waiting. The fuchsia doesn't have one though. It says on the card its vigorous , I do have a nice south facing wall bare at the moment ( and some spare trellis!) - will it go too wild?

funnyperson Sat 17-Oct-15 02:21:42

Brilliant bargains! I love that, because plant grow so well with a bit of nurturing! That fuschia looks brilliant. What will you plant in front of it? What will you plant with it to give interest the rest of the year?

bookbook Sat 17-Oct-15 14:31:19

well, the bare wall is the back to a biggish well established bed ( I've been in this garden since 1983 ) . I am fairly sure I have to take out an hibiscus which has looked decidedly sad for the last 3 years, which leaves a fair gap. i thought to put the fuschia up the wall to the right . I have in front of that space white Japanese anemones, and to the right a compact glaucous green hebe with red growing tips in winter/spring, plus lots of cyclamen, allium and red tulips and a beautiful hellebore with dark purple flowers, so I am thinking something evergreen and about 4' x 4' to fill in front, but not grow too big. I tend not to fixate on anything specific, but go and look around gardens ,nurseries and hopefully see something smile

funnyperson Sat 17-Oct-15 15:08:38

Sounds lovely! Is the fuschia evergreen then?

bookbook Sat 17-Oct-15 21:56:32

No, just a hardy one - better really as I am in Yorkshire smile

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