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Hand-powered cylinder mower

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mmack Thu 10-Sep-15 19:38:25

Does anyone have one? We have a big garden with sheds and trees and lots of bits and pieces. I find it very hard to manage the ride-on mower and usually borrow a strimmer to tidy up edges and around trees. I'm not a big fan of petrol strimmers though and they are quite expensive so I was wondering if it would be worth getting a push along cylinder mower instead.

TheSpottedZebra Fri 11-Sep-15 10:55:12

Do you mean one with no other source of power? I've got one for the allotment, and it's a bit back breaking, and that's over a tiny area. I'd not want to use it for the lawn at home.

If you have a big garden, would it be worth looking at other mowers, eg rotary, or motorised cylinder?

SconeForAStroll Fri 11-Sep-15 11:28:29

Well on the plus side they are really pretty cheap and on the negative side they take flipping ages as they are not a very wide cut.

I had pretty major back surgery which meant I couldn't start a petrol mower anymore and our garden was too long for an electric one so I bought a battery mower which I have been very pleased with.

Pretty sure that you can get battery powered strimmers too.

Unremarkable Fri 25-Sep-15 10:04:30

Cylinder mowers are only really meant for short, well-manicured lawns - not for tidying up long grass. You really should look at a battery trimmer. Bosch do some good ones with plastic blades so you don't have to faff around with spools of nylon line.

catbasilio Tue 08-Dec-15 13:30:22

I have one for my miniscule lawn (2m x 2m), love it, but you have to keep on top of mowing to make it easy for yourself.
The best bit is that my kids can help out without the danger of electrocuting. Even when we had parties in summer, every child wanted to have a go!

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