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Love in the mist

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CruCru Sat 22-Aug-15 19:54:54

Hi all

I have pulled up all my love in the mist (with loads of seed pods on) and have laid the plants across another bed in the hope that next year's will self seed there. Do any of you know whether this will work?

TheyreMadITellYouMaaaad Sat 22-Aug-15 21:11:41

My mum and I always scatter Nigella seeds in other parts of the garden, in order to spread them out. My mum's always take (some years her garden has appeared to grow out of a stunning mist of green and blue) but mine sometimes do and sometimes don't. Could be because she's a green-fingers who invests a lot of effort in her garden, whereas my version of gardening pretty much stops at dispersing the seeds!

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