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Space for climbers

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Kai1977 Tue 11-Aug-15 20:09:25

I've planted a few plants with some success but I am less confident with climbers. We now have a narrow space at the back of our patio (30cm wide). It adjoins a brick wall which we have attached large trellies to. The plan was to grow the climbs so they eventually cover the trellis wall area but I'm concerned that the space isn't wide enough.

Would it be better to grow the climbers in smaller pots near the wall instead?

Any suggestions for evergreen and seasonal climbers that could quickly cover the trellis would be very welcome (alkaline, fairly sandy soil in an area that gets partial sunlight, east facing).


MyNightWithMaud Tue 11-Aug-15 21:28:13

30cm is a bit narrow - generally, climbers need to be a bit farther from the wall, because immediately below the wall is likely to be very dry - but is still going to be better than being in a pot. Once the climbers get going, untying them from the trellis to repot them in bigger pots will be a real faff.

Clematis like to have their roots in shade and heads in the sun, so might be happy. I'd add a jasmine for scent.

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