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things that make you go "oooooooo"

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colleysmill Tue 11-Aug-15 19:52:04

More of a lurker than regular poster over here but we are currently in the middle of some fairly major garden changes so I've been spending far too much time looking at all things garden related on the internet and tv.

I was wondering if anyone else gets an "oooo" moment when they go into other people's gardens or see something new or has been done really wellb and if there's been anything you've taken inspiration from in your garden.

I've realised over the last few months I quite like really random things blush but I'm always open to new ideas!

linspins Tue 11-Aug-15 21:21:05

I love lots of green all packed in together, so lots of box bushes and other evergreen and dark green stuff, with splashes of white. Like a Chelsea show garden. Obviously mine looks nothing like this yet!!
I also love a good small tree. Sobus 'pink pagoda' is a lovely Rowan with pale pink berries all through winter. I once saw one, went ooooooo and now have one.

colleysmill Wed 12-Aug-15 18:00:06

That sounds lovely! I love the sound of that Rowan tree.

I was watching Alan titchmarsh last night and went oooo over the meadow flower turf they used - I've been trying to get a wild flower patch going (inspired by Monty don a few years ago) without much success and I thought that turf might be the answer. Not cheap though.

aircooled Thu 13-Aug-15 21:04:35

A big 'ooooooo' moment was visiting Jardin Plume in Normandy a few years ago. A stylish mix of formal and informal. Must go back. Just Google the images. Sigh.

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Thu 13-Aug-15 22:53:41

My recent "ooooo" moment was visiting the wonderful gardens at Wollerton Old Hall in Shropshire.....totally inspirational imho! As above, Google the images.....beautiful.......

aircooled Sat 15-Aug-15 17:40:31

That's on my list of places to visit Raphaella - I've heard it's beautiful.

elephantoverthehill Sat 15-Aug-15 17:49:25

I have a very small garden so I am always on the look out for the oooooo factor. I am always impressed by gardens where the veg is grown mixed in with the other plants. Some gardeners do it very skillfully. I however do not.

Selks Sat 15-Aug-15 19:34:36

Real 'ooh' moment when seeing the meadow garden at Howick Hall, Northumberland. Beautiful....I love meadow gardens.

A big, blowsy magnolia tree in full flower always gets an 'ooh' from me.

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Sat 15-Aug-15 21:59:39

It certainly is must find time to visit grin Here's a few pics I took when we were there at the start of June.....I'm planning to go back soon, but they are not open that often - only one day per week in September iirc.

colleysmill Mon 17-Aug-15 17:52:31

Those photos look stunning - I was watching Gardeners world and now I've added Highclere to my places I must visit list.

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