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Should tomato plants stop flowering at some point?

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Pico2 Wed 05-Aug-15 10:54:56

We are growing tomatoes in containers on our patio. They have some tomatoes on them and lots of flowers too. Should I be removing flowers now as I can't imagine them growing and ripening before it gets too cold.

dodobookends Wed 05-Aug-15 23:12:01

Yes it might be worth taking some off now, because otherwise the plant is putting all its energies into making new fruit rather than ripening the ones already on the plant. You can also maybe remove a few of the larger leaves too, to help the sunlight get at the fruits.

Pico2 Wed 05-Aug-15 23:45:54

Great - will do. Thanks.

bowsaw Thu 06-Aug-15 08:16:02

mine always seem to still be flowing come late oct, when Botrytis sets in and its time to add them to the compost heap

ThursFriHappy Sun 09-Aug-15 18:51:44

After reading this, I have trimmed my tomato plants right down, to get some sun on the tomatoes already there.

There are still some flowers on though, but they look really healthy.

Not sure if to get rid of them, but I only have a handful of tomatoes on each plant which doesn't look a lot and some are tiny.

Might see how the weather goes for the week.

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