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Just for fun - so far this year...

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MyNameIsInigoMontoya Sat 01-Aug-15 23:54:00

In your garden this year - can you name:

- One thing you've been especially pleased with
- One thing that's frustrated you
- One thing that's surprised you
- One thing you have learned
- One thing you would like to learn (we can probably help each other with this one!).

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Sun 02-Aug-15 00:02:44

I'll start things off...

Pleased with - my little red/orange/yellow patch which really worked this year for the first time. Orange-flowered euphorbias (which I wasn't that keen on till they did a lovely display this year), red and orange-yellow geums and a few red poppies, it looked great (although getting a bit past its best now).

Frustrated with - everything seeming permanently overgrown. I think we just have a bit too much in our garden and too many mature bushes etc so it's a constant battle to keep them from going totally massive.

Surprised by - apart from the hedgehog recently, probably the reappearance of the huge yellow achillea I tried to take out last year, and the fact I actually quite like them this time round! I also keep being painfully surprised by the mini rosebush that appeared in the middle of the berry patch and keeps attacking my legs

I have learned that - I think we have at least 2 different types of raspberries (we didn't plant them). The ones at the front are much squishier/crumblier than the ones at the back, and have a more watery flavour too so I think they're actually a different type. Might try to replace some of them with the better ones!

I would like to learn - how to get rid of massive snowberry plants which are very hard to dig up! Oh and to get better at supporting things properly as they keep falling over.

echt Sun 02-Aug-15 06:04:20

Well it's the last month of winter here in Melbourne, but there's always something in flower/fruit.

Pleased We planted three advanced trees - two banksia integrifolia and one banksia serrata - they all bloomed first year out and have grown metre in less than a year. All other native trees and plants we put in two years ago bloomed and grew madly.
Frustrated Expensive heirloom tomatoes sulking and doing sod all while supermarket cherry tomatoes from the wormery compost fruited prolifically.
Surprised Planted grape hyacinth bulbs in June. They sprouted a week later, after being kept in the cool shade to hold them back.
Learned Sow seeds early, earlier than seems likely.
Like to Learn A more disciplined approach to gardening - I just chuck it all in wait.

florentina1 Sun 02-Aug-15 10:48:23

Pleased with my Japanese Anenonomes and begonias which are giving a stunning late display this year. Disappointed with some of my roses. Delighted with my clematis which have put on the best display ever. Pleased that the less I do in the garden (interfere) the better it looks.

Mother Nature knows better than me obviously.

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Mon 03-Aug-15 12:45:31

This garden was new to us last December when we purchased the house. It was established by the last-but-one owner who was a very keen gardener and designed a garden that complemented the age/style of the house (1850s with Arts & Crafts extension completed in the 1920s).

Pleased with - the amazing 60-70' wisteria with trunk measuring some 18" in diameter that runs along the garden frontage of the house. It is currently flowering for the second time this year.

Frustrated with - the previous owner who could afford to buy a 1.7m new home yet couldn't be arsed to pay for a gardener to keep the garden at this place under control (especially the lawns which are fooked) whilst it was for sale <insert sad face>

Surprised by - the Giant Knapweed.....gorgeous - didn't know what this was and the flowers were completely unexpected!

Learned - to be patient in waiting to see what comes up in a new-to-you garden....there have been many surprises other than that referenced above!

Like to learn - more about marginal planting and other ideas for recreating an Arts & Crafts feel for our walled pond area. Am currently reading 'Gertrude Jekyll - Her Art Restored at Upton Grey' for general garden inspiration......

shovetheholly Mon 03-Aug-15 12:54:17

^Pleased with^: my new greenhouse!
^Frustrated with^: my continued inability to grow root crops at my allotment, apart from celeriac; my Descampsia grass which has only a few seedheads, and nothing like the big sprays it had last year
^Surprised about^: how good British cherries can be, straight off the tree! I assumed they'd be a bit crap.
Learned: how to grow from seed (and that you need to pot on earlier than you might think, and that you therefore need pretty much an infinite supply of small pots.
^Would like to learn^: I would like to have the courage to do some more communal guerilla gardening!

florentina1 Mon 03-Aug-15 13:32:09

Raphaella, have you ever visited Great DIxter. Stunning house and Gardens. Actually it is my 2nd favourite after Beth Chatto.

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Mon 03-Aug-15 18:27:35

Hi florentina! No, but it's on my to do list and I have lots of reference books with pics of both the house and gardens. Should have found time to visit whilst we lived on the South Coast (Hampshire), but are often down that way so will try to squeeze in a visit sometime soon. Recently we went to Wollerton Old Hall gardens in Shropshire which were wonderful and very inspirational....

funnyperson Mon 03-Aug-15 20:25:04

Pleased: with Rose Munstead Wood, clematis viticella Abundance, hydrangea Anabelle, the irises frm Chelsea
Frustrated: with falling over just as the gsrdening was getting really interesting. Non blossoming apple trees.
Surprised: When the Acanthus rue Ledan flowered!
Learned: How to turn a compost heap and that Mulching works
_Like to learn_: Training apple trees (and succession planting)

aircooled Mon 03-Aug-15 20:57:35

Pleased with - the look of the garden when I opened it in June. While dealing with an ongoing family health issue gardening has been the best therapy for me!

Frustrated - that after opening the garden it didn't rain for a month so everything began to look tired.

Surprised - that (a coachload of) Germans were the most enthusiastic gardeners! They love the English gardening style.

Learned that- opening your garden is the most uplifting experience.

Would like to learn how to prune my plum/gage tree so it bears fruit (perhaps should just shoot the bastard pigeons that eat the buds in Spring). It was grafted from an old one that blew down and has been a bit neglected since it was planted about six years ago.

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Mon 03-Aug-15 22:41:00

Ooh the arts and crafts one sounds lovely! Also interesting to see what people in other continents/climates have been growing.

I agree about the cherries, I didn't think you could get edible cherries easily in the North East but we've just been given a jar of cherry jam from PILs' cherry trees!

I should probably start doing some mulching, never got round to it but I bet it would do our garden good and hopefully keep the weeds down a bit.

Opening your garden sounds very exciting aircooled! That's a whole different level of gardening!

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