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The Autistic Gardener

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Kitsmummy Wed 22-Jul-15 20:51:25

Does anyone watch this? I really enjoy it and think that this week's garden is going to be a beauty.

Hated the weird orange perspex in last week's garden though!

funnyperson Thu 23-Jul-15 06:04:23

Nice series, enjoyable to watch, provides an opportunity for the autistic adults to develop and contribute. I would welcome them in my garden any day. All the gardens so far have an element of wacky colour: I think it could be a trademark of the designer.
Alan Gardener looks a bit cross and world weary sometimes, as if life hasn't been kind to him. He seems such a nice person though and must have great initiative to have got this far with his condition. I hope life is kinder to him in the future.

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