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Help me save my honeysuckle!

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SkodaLabia Mon 20-Jul-15 14:56:47

I have a very poorly honeysuckle and I don't know whether to bin it. It has grey mildew on the leaves, and pretty much all the bottom section has died off. Reading up about it, it looks like this is a symptom of the roots being too dry, but we have damp heavy clay soil and have had rain most days since it's been put in. I have been watering it too.

Is it likely to pull through? It's on the back of a board fence (not an overlapping panel one) that gets a lot of wind, could this be affecting it?

If it cops it, any recommendations for an evergreen climber (I'd love a self clinging one ideally) for an exposed coastal location?

florentina1 Mon 20-Jul-15 16:56:27

My honeysuckle comes back from the dead so many times. Prune it to about 2 feet from the ground, spray with a multi purpose fungacide. It will probably better than ever next year.

SkodaLabia Mon 20-Jul-15 17:06:10

If I pruned it that low I think it would have about 3 green leaves and the rest would be dead, is that OK to do? Also, should I do it now, or wait until after the summer?

florentina1 Mon 20-Jul-15 19:35:04

I would do it now, you will be surprised how quickly it bounces back. If you are nervous then cut it back at different heights. Say 3feet, 4 feet, and maybe one a 2 feet. Keep it watered but don't feed it.

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